The Colors of Love

3 Jun

In this tutorial, I used this photo:

image 1

Open that photo then press Ctrl+B to open Color Balance, set properties like this:

image 2

image 3

image 4

You will get:

image 5

Create a new layer and set Blend mode: Screen

image 6

Pick Brush tool, set something like this:

image 7

Brush some colors in the picture, in this tutorial I used color blue, green, pink, red and set opacity 76%

image 8

You will get the result:

image 9

Create a new layer, choose the brush like this:

image 10

Put that brush several times in the picture

image 11

Pick Custom shape tool then choose heart shape

image 12

image 13

Make a heart shape then Ctrl+Click on heart’s layer

image 14

Select Background and press Ctrl+J 2 times

image 15

Move 2 heart layers to the top of layer palette

image 16

Select the under layer in those 2 layers then do as the picture below:

image 17

image 18

Continue to press Ctrl+J to duplicate this layer

image 19

Select the top layer then go to Layer Style, do as these pictures below:

image 20

image 21

You will get:

image 22

Use Eraser tool to blur the border of heart

image 23

After finishing above steps, you will get the final result:

Final Result

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