How to Get a Friend Back

7 Nov
  • Determine why your friend has changed his or her tune. Maybe you’ve done something wrong that you can apologize for, or perhaps your behavior needs to change.
  • Be as nice as you can. This will make your friend start thinking that maybe you’ve changed. It’s a start! Don’t try to upset your friend in any way.
  • Start a conversation if you can. Start saying “hi” or “how you doing?” when you see them. Say “looking good” or “love your hair”. It’s hard for people to resist compliments.
  • Watch your friend for cues to start talking more. Maybe she or he will smile at you or say “hi” back. Don’t miss your chance!
  • Invite them to your house or to hang out at the mall. Casual, no-pressure situations will help them ease back into being your friend.
  • Talk to them and ask whether you can still be friends. Being as direct and honest as possible is best.
  • Take it slow
  • If it is their fault; tell them you forgive them and then take it from there.
  • [edit] Tips

    • Take it slow. This plan won’t work if you go too fast.
    • Have a lot of patience.
    • Smile a lot.
    • Tell people your friend is awesome

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